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Weedtechnics weed killing equipment, available at Trius Inc TV35 Turf Vac, available at Trius Inc multihog with attachments, available at Trius Inc KMI asphalt repair equipment, available at Trius Inc cimline pavement maintenance equipment, available at Trius Inc

Summer is the time of year that many businesses and municipalities get a lot of construction and clean-up work done. It is prime time to do road repavement, street sweeping, grass cutting, and weed control. Although we do not do these services ourselves, we do provide the equipment needed to complete the jobs to businesses and municipalities.

Our inventory of equipment includes:


Weedtechnics is a chemical-free way of killing weeds. It is an environmentally safe solution that does not expose workers or communities to harsh toxins. No herbicide resistance can happen from using Weedtechnics either. Your treated area is also able to be used or treated immediately.


A Multihog is a multipurpose tractor that can utilize a variety of attachments to be used year-round. It can use attachments like grass mowers, runway light cleaners, sweeping sprayers, and more.

Asphalt & Road Maintenance Equipment

Summer is the time most municipalities do their road repairs. We have equipment from KMI and Cimline to assist with any road repairs that need to be completed.

Tractors & Mowers

The grass is something everyone needs to keep up with, especially during the summer months. Not only does having tall grass look unappealing, but it can also be a hazard. It can limit the view of drivers in an area where wildlife like deer are present. Being able to see potential road hazards can decrease the number of accidents and amount of property damages that occur.

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Regardless of what summer maintenance jobs your company or municipality has, we have the equipment to help you get it done. We have equipment for road repairs, tractors and mowers, multi-purpose vehicles like Multihog, Weedtechnics, and more. We also provide street sweepers and pothole filling machines to help keep streets clean and safe to drive on. Looking for truck equipment and asphalt repair equipment services? We provide those, too! Contact us today to discuss your summer equipment needs! Trius Inc serves Suffolk County, Nassau County, and Westchester County, NY; Middlesex County, NJ; and Stroudsburg, PA.