It’s not always easy to predict how much snow you’ll get in a given season. Here in the Tri-State Area, it’s important to be prepared for anything to happen. That’s why it’s vital to have the proper snow removal equipment for any given situation. Removing snow quickly and promptly helps keep your property safe, saves you money, and reduces damages. If you own a local property, there are many perks to acquiring the right snow removal equipment:

  • Prevent Accidents: If your property’s driveway, parking lot, and sidewalks are kept free of snow, it keeps everyone who walks or drives safer. Cars can slide or get stuck in the snow, while pedestrians can slip and fall. Quick plowing and snow removal helps reduce the chance of ice buildup when the snow melts, particularly if you have a salt spreader to treat your pavement once plowing is completed.
  • Streamline Travel: Removing snow from the paved areas of your property makes it easier to get to and from your home or business. Keep your business thriving and your family on the go with the proper snow removal equipment.
  • Keep Up: Snow can build up during a particularly difficult winter season. Keeping on top of it from the outset reduces the difficulty of the work later on.
  • Reduce Property Damage: Leaving snow on certain shrubs, plants, and other pieces of landscaping can damage them and reduce their chances of bouncing back during the spring. In addition, letting ice build up on your paved surfaces can cause tiny holes and cracks to widen and present dangerous situations. Removing your snow and ice as quickly as possible helps your property look its best and saves you money in repair costs.
  • Save Money: Between the cost of maintaining your property and a potential liability lawsuit if someone gets injured in a snow or ice-related accident on your property, prompt snow removal can save you money, stress, and time.

Invest in high-quality snow removal equipment to make your life easier, save money, and make cleanup easier over time.

Trius represents the finest equipment produced in the categories of:

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Dump Bodies

Liquid & Solid Waste

Street Sweepers & Vacuums

Material Spreaders

Snow Plows

Service Bodies

Snow Melters

Brine, Anti-Icing & Pre-Wet

Asphalt & Road Maintenance

Air Compressors & Generators

Air N Arc® ALL-IN-ONE Power Systems®
Goodall® Engine Starting Systems
Engine Driven Systems
PTO Driven Underdeck Modular Systems


Multi-Purpose Vehicles

Tractors & Mowers

Tarp Systems

Aerial Devices

Truck Mounted Cranes