Trius Inc. is Proud to Offer the Latest Snow Removal Equipment from Multihog

Kahlbacher Snow Blower Snow Brush on Multihog CX

Once winter rears its frosty head, you need the right equipment to be fully prepared to battle the elements. It doesn’t matter whether you are a local municipality; once the snow starts to fall in Nassau and Suffolk County, you want to be ready.

Fortunately, thanks to the latest attachments offered by Multihog, you won’t have to worry about a thing! The team at Trius Inc. offers a full suite of high quality of snow and ice control equipment to ensure your property and roads are free of ice and remain easily accessible to both visitors and employees. Browse each of the following sections to explore the latest snow removal attachments developed by Multihog.


This top-mounted sprayer is ideal for distributing de-icing fluids. You’ll be able to cover up to 3 lanes through a combination of 3 spray sections and powerful side nozzles.


Multihog offers a heavy-duty rotary snow blower for large-scale snow clearing. These blowers are controlled from the comfort of your cabin and allow the operator to throw snow in a 240° arc. Blowers are offered in an array of different snow brooms widths to suit all sorts of different environments.


Multihog currently offers an array of plows and brushes to suit the precise needs of your operation. Contractors and municipalities can select from various widths, which can be swiveled for precise operation. Plows are generally used for initial clearance passes, while Multihog’s available brooms ensure a clean finish for your surface.


Drop sanders are ideal for all sorts of municipalities, facilities management teams, and winter contractors. This dump box and sander combo offered by Multihog will allow you to cover large expanses without having to refill your aggregate. Best of all, your traffic and pedestrians will remain sure-footed all winter long!

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If you’re interested in exploring our current selection of Multihog equipment, don’t waste another moment. Reach out to one of the certified representatives at Trius Inc. to access the latest snow removal equipment at some of the region’s most competitive rates. Simply let us know more about your commercial or municipal property. One of our knowledgeable representatives will help you to select the perfect attachments to eliminate the snow and ice from your surroundings!