How Potholes Form and How You Can Fix Them

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We’ve all experienced them – those dreaded, and sometimes unavoidable, potholes. But where do they even come from?

Potholes form due to the expansion and contraction of the ground, especially during the freeze and thaw cycles. Even though roads are built to avoid accumulations of water, the water still finds a way to seep into cracks in the ground. If it is cold enough, like during the winter months in Westchester, NY and surrounding areas, the water will freeze. This causes the water to turn to ice and expand, taking up more room under the pavement. In response, the pavement will expand and crack. Unfortunately, this will cause the material in the pavement to become weak.

After the ice has melted, the pavement will contract leaving space under the surface. If this process continues, the pavement will weaken and crack. As traffic passes over these areas of the pavement, the material will break due to the weight, creating a pothole.

How can potholes be fixed?

Most of the time, areas in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania experience issues with potholes during the winter months. Although repairs to the asphalt can be made during the winter, for best results it should be done in warmer weather.

A cold mix of asphalt is the most cost-efficient way to repair potholes. This material can be used at low temperatures, stockpiled up to 12 months, used as needed, is more flexible than hot mixtures, and can be driven on immediately, whereas a hot mixture would take a couple hours to cool.

Potholes need to be cleaned out to ensure a strong hold after the repair. Make sure there is no moisture in the pavement, add the new asphalt, and allow time to cool.

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