IMPACT Heavy Duty and Mid Duty UTV Plows

You never know what the winter months might bring – that’s why it’s important to stay ready for anything. The IMPACT collection from Western Plows offers a collection of plows that will give you the functionality you need to be ready for anything. Winter won’t hold back, so neither should you. You can choose between mid-duty or heavy-duty UTV plows to better serve your purposes.

Mid-Duty UTV Plows

The IMPACT mid-duty straight blade plows are designed to fit securely on your mid-duty sport or recreational UTV without sacrificing function. We use strong components to ensure maximum durability no matter what the winter might bring. Fully hydraulic blades allow you to seamlessly make quick adjustments to the blade’s angle from inside your vehicle to maximize your efficiency. The mounting system is simple to use and install and is designed to maximize your ground clearance.

Heavy-Duty Plows

The IMPACT Heavy-Duty snow plows are designed to go anywhere that you could possibly need plows. Both models of heavy-duty plows are constructed from high-strength, low alloy steel and feature easy on/off mounting systems and removable receiver brackets to maximize ground clearance. Take advantage of the innovative Scrape Lock feature for clean scraping and back dragging. With width adjustment, structural reinforcement, and v-plow or straight options, you don’t have to choose between power and versatility. Enjoy intuitive control options, a state-of-the-art anti-theft system, and a protective baked-on powder coat for an extra barrier against the elements.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your New Snow Plow

Whether you are choosing a mid-duty UTV plow or an impact heavy-duty plow, the size matters. Every UTV is different. They are all rated for carrying specific loads. You need to consider the weight of the plow blade when you are purchasing a new one because your UTV needs to be able to carry it. The blades vary in width too. They generally come in widths of about 48 inches up to 72 inches. Smaller blades are good for plowing tight spaces while larger blades are best for larger areas.

Get the Functionality You Need

Winter weather can be unpredictable; that’s why it’s important to plan for the worst. No matter what your plowing needs might be, the IMPACT collection can help. With easy assembly and tough components to withstand year after year of frequent use, these plows will be priceless investments for your personal or commercial vehicle. Whether you’re plowing your driveway or a parking lot, Western Plows has you covered.

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