Keep Your Community Clean with Decontamination Attachments for Your Multihog

A multi-purpose contamination machine can help keep your community clean!

Your Multihog is compatible with several attachments that work to disinfect public places.

The high-pressure washer works with and without a disinfectant solution to effectively clean a variety of spaces and surfaces. With a hand lance for pressure washing hard-to-reach areas and a watering arm attachment that allows you to clean higher areas, every public surface of your community, establishment, or property can be sanitized, clean, and safe. The de-icing sprayer can be used to quickly and efficiently clean streets and walking paths, as well as handrails and other touch-points. Each attachment has been designed to provide easy cleaning solutions that suit your needs.

Decontamination attachments on your Multihog can disinfect:

  • Streets, sidewalks, and cycle paths
  • Greenways and boardwalks
  • Car park surfaces, entry barrier, and pay stations
  • Trash cans and cigarette trash cans
  • Smoking area shelters
  • Bus shelters and seating
  • Signposts and pedestrian traffic light touchpoints
  • External steps and handrails
  • Emergency and delivery vehicle touchpoints
  • Supermarket and wholesaler carts
  • Large entrance doors and loading bays
  • Emergency department entryways
  • Aircraft steps, airside vehicles, and luggage carts

A Multihog can be used in nearly any location. Municipalities, cities, and towns use the decontamination attachments to ensure parks and public spaces are nice and clean. Grocery stores and shopping malls see hundreds of visitors a day and have plenty of places for germs to hide. Wholesale and distribution centers, hospitals, ports, and airports can also benefit from the Multihog, as it makes every surface easier to clean and disinfect!

Multihog water tank attachment

We also offer water tank attachments with removable soap dispensers and plastic taps so you can keep your hands clean while you work.

For more information about the Multihog and its decontamination attachments, contact Trius Inc today. We look forward to discussing your needs and how the Multihog can disinfect your outdoor areas.