Keep Your Sidewalks Clean with the New Multihog CV Sweeper

Multihog CV multi-purpose sweeper - Trius Incmultihog CV multipurpose cleaner features - Trius Inc

Are you looking for a more effective way to keep your sidewalks clean? Look no further! The new Multihog CV Sweeper is here. It boasts brand new features that will help you maintain your sidewalks. Here are some of the new key features that the new Multihog CV Sweeper comes with!

  • It has a dedicated sweeper that is compact, with options to change the front brush.
  • Other attachments include a snowplow and a mower.
  • This sweeper is designed to work 365 days a year. It is a great option for municipalities that are looking to save money or are on a tight equipment budget.
  • This is an all-terrain vehicle meaning that it can go off-road if you need it to.
  • The Multihog CV Sweeper was designed with the operator’s safety and comfort in mind.
  • Each brush is controlled independently via joysticks. Need a 3rd brush? That can be added too!
  • The Multihog CV Sweeper boasts a 200 liter/53 US gal clean water tank which is optimal for dust suppression while the machine is operating.
  • There is also built-in cooling so the sweeper can continue working efficiently in hotter climates.

Trius Inc is here for you. If you are interested in the new Multihog CV Sweeper, give us a call to learn a little bit more about this new vehicle and how it can benefit you. Interested in purchasing one for your municipality? Contact us today to demo this machine! We are proud to serve those in the Stroudsburg & Buck County, PA areas as well as Nassau, Suffolk, Washington, and Westchester County, NY areas. Let us show you why your municipality needs a new Multihog CV Sweeper!