Now Offering Vac-Con Machines Throughout Pennsylvania and Downstate New York

Learn more about this single engine combination machine

Trius Inc. is proud to offer Vac-Con machines throughout Pennsylvania and Downstate New York. We are the dealer to trust for this single engine combination machine throughout the state and we ask that you continue reading below to learn more. No matter what you may be using this system for, we are confident it will improve efficiency for you and your employees.

Use of a Single Engine

The Vac-Con machine offers the simplicity of a hydrostatic drive to run both the vacuum and water systems with a single engine. The systems have the ability to be independently operated and give the flexibility you require for your business.

Available in Several Combinations

Based on your specific preferences, the Vac-Con is available in the following combinations:

  • 5 Yard Combination Sewer Cleaner
  • 9 Yard Combination Sewer Cleaner
  • 11 Yard Combination Sewer Cleaner
  • 12 Yard Combination Sewer Cleaner
  • 16 Yard Combination Sewer Cleaner

Variety of Other Benefits

Aside from the aforementioned benefit of using a single engine, this state-of-the-art system is beneficial as it features a multi-stage hydraulic filtration system, a 2 or 3 stage vacuum compressor fan with a 5-year warranty, cross-linked polyethylene water tanks with a 10-year warranty, a vacuum breaker system that automatically stops air flow to prevent over-filling and/or spillage during transport and much more.