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Have no doubt, the team at Trius Inc. understands the countless issues faced by local businesses and municipalities throughout the Westchester County region. Not only do harsh outdoor elements wreak havoc on your paved surfaces, but heavy traffic patterns often result in widespread wear and tear. If you don’t take the proper steps to maintain your asphalt surfaces, there’s simply no telling the replacement fees that you’ll be forced to pay down the line.

The Importance of the Right Asphalt Repair Equipment

If you repair asphalt, it’s vital to use the correct equipment. Asphalt repair requires several different types of equipment depending on the specific problem at hand. The tool you use will depend on your needs at any given time; however, the need for quality will never change. Working with top-of-the-line asphalt repair equipment brings the following benefits:

  • Precision: Better equipment will work more effectively, helping you work more efficiently and deliver a more reliable result. When you’re working with asphalt, precision is everything; the slightest imperfection can completely comprimise the integrity of your paved surface. Investing in quality equipment can help you achieve a perfect final product.
  • Safety: Proper asphalt repair is more than a matter of aesthetics – it’s a matter of safety. Widening cracks and potholes create serious tripping hazards and can even cause automobile accidents. Repairs must be as level as possible or they run the risk of failing, bringing those risks back to the forefront. Working with quality equipment keeps the paved surface safe for years to come.
  • Longevity: Asphalt repair is a neverending process. As the freeze-thaw cycle continues, small imperfections continue to grow and create the need for further repair. High-quality asphalt repair equipment will deliver long-lasting results, allowing you to move on to other projects. In addition, the equipment itself is more likely to work reliably for years to come, allowing you to make the most of your investment.
  • Peace of Mind: Nobody wants to deal with a major asphalt problem or a botched repair. Maintaining your paved surface with the right asphalt repair equipment will allow you to feel secure in the knowledge that you have applied leading industry tactics to solve the problem.

Make the most of your purchase by investing in quality at the outset of your project. Working with high-quality asphalt repair equipment will help you achieve the desired result and deliver quality every single time.

Trius Inc. is Working with Cimline & KM International to Offer Modern Asphalt Repair Equipment

Fortunately, with the assistance of our certified retailer, you won’t have to worry about a thing! Trius Inc. has partnered with Cimline and KM International to provide local clients with the very finest in asphalt repair equipment. Whether you’re searching for the perfect asphalt recyclers or patch fillers, we urge you to make an investment in the future. These machines are sure to operate to peak efficiency for years to come!


For years, KM International has set the global standard in asphalt repair equipment. Trius Inc. has recognized the innovative nature of their products and is proud to stock an array of infrared asphalt recyclers and asphalt hotbox recyclers from this renowned brand.

Thanks to KM International’s skid-mounted and trailer-mounted reclaimers, it’s possible to make year-round repairs to your asphalt surfaces, even when local plants are closed for business. This equipment can maintain asphalt temperatures for up to 3 days, and will assist with skin patching jobs, utility cut repairs, remove-and-replace projects, and much more.

KM International also offers a full range of infrared asphalt recyclers, which have been specifically engineered to repair potholes, eliminate high and low spots, and perform intricate repairs around storm drains. Best of all, these machines can complete asphalt repair tasks in a third of the time required by traditional saw-cut R&R methods.


Cimline takes a versatile approach to the asphalt repair process and has pioneered a modern line of equipment to suit the needs of regional contractors, municipalities, and businesses. In fact, Cimline currently offers a full suite of crack sealing, pothole patching, emulsion storage, and asphalt paving machines to ensure the success of your upcoming application.

Trius Inc. is proud to offer the latest Cimline pothole filling machines, which employ proprietary DuraPatcher technology to eliminate asphalt issues in prompt and affordable fashion. These machines make use of a state-of-the-art spray injection process, which will provide a permanent fix for your roadway, highway, bridge, or parking lot.

Contact our Certified Team to Buy the Latest in Asphalt Repair Equipment

If you’re interested in learning about our full selection of asphalt repair equipment, be sure to contact one of the knowledgeable representatives at Trius Inc. Even if you’re not sure which machine will properly suit your upcoming application, our team is always standing by to provide a bit of guidance. Whether you’re looking to resurface your entire parking lot, or you would simply like to eliminate a couple of potholes, Trius Inc. is sure to feature the perfect equipment at a highly competitive rate.