Snow Dragon Snowmelters – A Revolution in Snow Removal

Do you own a commercial property or work for a municipality? Are you looking for a solution to your snow issues? Trius Inc provides Snow Dragon Snowmelters! We sell high quality and durable Snow Dragon Snowmelters that ease the process of snow removal. They are a great option for snow removal businesses as well.

The Snow Dragon is on the forefront of a snow removal revolution. Instead of hauling out and removing the snow, you can melt it with Snow Dragon Snowmelters that utilize the latest heat exchanger technology. The Snow Dragon Snowmelters will eliminate accumulated snow in any conditions.

How Snow Dragon Snowmelters Work

Snow is deposited on the melting pan and then warm water is sprayed onto the snow causing it to melt. The snow melts and then makes its way into a debris catching chamber and then into a water hopper. Once in the water hopper, it will be reheated. The water level will rise and travel into a system that will separate debris, oil and other non-soluble components. After this, the water will be discharged under the melter. Many people who use Snow Dragon Snowmelters will park it near a storm drain, catch basin, or they will hook up a hose to divert the water to another spot.

Advantages of Snow Dragon Snowmelters

Generally, when you are removing snow from a large area, you must have a spot that is allocated to leave the snow, or you are hauling the snow offsite. Most businesses or municipalities can’t afford to have large piles of snow in their parking lots. This means you are no longer creating huge snow piles and are not having to spend extra resources taking snow to an offsite location. It also can simply drain into a storm drain or be easily diverted to where you want the water to go.

When you are ready to take advantage of the benefits that Snow Dragon Snowmelters have to offer, give Trius Inc a call. We are proud to offer Snow Dragon Snowmelters in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Contact our team to learn more about how the Snow Dragon Snowmelters can be an advantage for you!