Snow Plow Maintenance Tips: Post-Season

Snow plow maintenance doesn’t end with the season. There are some important post-season maintenance procedures you should follow to keep your plow in good condition for the next year. Without a good post-season maintenance routine, your plow can deteriorate in storage and set you up for some unwelcome surprises when you bring it out for use next winter.

Follow these post-season plow maintenance tips to leave your plow in good condition for storage.

Post-season snow plow maintenance tips:

1. Scrub down your plow with soap and warm water.

Your plow comes into contact with lots of snow, salt, sand, dirt, and other debris over the course of a season. These are major contributors to corrosion. Letting all that stuff sit on your plow for the off season could destroy your plow. (We’re not exaggerating. Corrosion is the enemy!)
Give your plow a thorough wash with soap and warm water to get rid of all the corrosion-causing stuff that’s stuck to it. We recommend washing your plow by hand. Avoid pressure washing, as it could damage sensitive electrical components.

2. Do a final inspection to check your plow for damage and wear.

Do a post-season inspection to check your plow for any damage and wear and tear. Fix any problems you see now so you’re not scrambling to get them fixed when winter rolls around again. Plowing is hard enough work on its own. Make it easier for yourself!

3. Change your fluids now to avoid problems later.

You may want to do your annual hydraulic fluid flush and replacement now to avoid the risk of water getting into the hydraulic system.

4. Store your plow indoors in a dry place.

Do not leave your plow outside in the off season. Unnecessarily exposing your plow to the elements increases the risk of corrosion. Store it in a dry place like a garage or a storage shed and elevate it off of the ground if you can to protect it from flooding.

5. Grease your plow’s moving contact points and electrical components again.

Once again, greasing your plow’s moving parts and electrical components protects them from corrosion. The threat of corrosion doesn’t disappear once winter is over, so keeping your essential components greased is essential.

6. Loosen your plow’s springs.

It’s not necessary to keep your snow plow’s springs tight in the off season. Release the tension before storing your plow. This will help them last longer.

If you have any more questions about snow plow maintenance, or if you’d like to get your plow repaired by an expert, call the Trius Inc. Parts & Service Department now for more information. Click here for contact information.