Take Advantage of the New Paint Booth from Trius Inc

Trius Inc. Paint Booth, Bethlehem location

In our effort to offer state-of-the-art services to our customers, Trius Inc is proud to introduce our brand new, top-of-the-line paint booth at our Bethlehem, PA location. This gives us the capability to provide vehicles with fresh coats of paint and protective coatings. Since the booth stands at an impressive 44’ long, 19’ wide, and 18’ high, it can accommodate any vehicle you need painted. If you have a commercial or municipal vehicle in the Bethlehem area, trust our heated and pressurized paint booth to get the job done.

Why Fresh Paint is So Important

Your vehicle’s paint job is vital for its appearance.The more professional your fleet looks, the more likely you are to bring in reputable business. Having a quality paint job and protective coating is also important for the longevity of your fleet; as you drive, tiny particles of dirt and debris bombard your paint job, breaking down your paint job and leaving your vehicle vulnerable to damage from sunlight, rain, wind, snow, and road salt. Regularly reapplying paint and protective coatings is cheaper and easier than replacing your fleet every few years; it’s also more convenient than costly repair and part replacement services. Trius Bethlehem proudly recommends Ziebart protective coatings to keep your commercial vehicles in good shape.

What Our Paint Booth Can Do

Our paint booth can keep your commercial fleet well-painted and protected. Because of its size can accommodate any size truck, it can spray trucks at any stage of production, whether body mounted or not. Its natural gas-fired heating system features a curing mode that moves steadily at 100 feet per minute; this improves drying and curing times, allowing us to work more efficiently. The pressurized, cross-draft air movement system features computerized, automatically adjusting filtration that ensures balanced air velocity and the guarantee that your paint job will be completed in a safe, hygienic environment.

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Our brand new paint booth from Trius Inc in Bethlehem, PA will give it a fresh new protective coating. We offer a full range of painting services for your municipal road and facility-maintenance equipment to maintain your investment. Contact us today!