The Multihog and its Many Summer Applications

multihog with mower attachments multihog with vacuum attachment multihog with sweeper attachments multihog with watering arm attachment

While its true that some jobs require specific tools, you shouldn’t have to spend your resources on separate heavy-duty vehicles to complete each task. Instead, have your business or municipality invest in one vehicle that can be equipped to handle all your seasonal duties: the Multihog.

Trius Inc is proud to offer this vehicle and its many attachments for sale! Keep reading below to see just how the Multihog can save you time and money this summer and throughout the year.

Barrier Mower

With the barrier mower, you can easily maneuver around reflection posts, guard rails, traffic signs, and other obstacles. The automatic touch control features also allow you to adapt to different terrains.


This eco-friendly attachment uses water for all of its functions, including chemical-free weed control, gum removal, pavement cleaning, drain cleaning, and graffiti removal.

CityVac Sweeper

Cleaning up city streets has never been easier with the CityVac. Its low-noise fan and microbe-resistant vacuum hose are ideal for any city sanitation service team.

Cylinder Mower

This fine-tuned equipment makes those precise grass cuts for sporting fields and parks a breeze.

Flail Arm Mower

The arm can be used on both sides of the vehicle and has many different head sizes for you to choose from.

Flail Mower

Made for heavy-duty jobs, the fail mower is meant to take on overgrown grass, brush, and shrubs.

Front Mower with Collection System

A 581-gal container collects grass from the suction system. However, you won’t have to worry about noise with this stable, low-noise machine.

Front Sweeper

Perfect for dust suppression, this sweeper comes with a summer and a winter attachment, as well as a spray system and 94-gal dirt collection receptacle.

Gully & Sewer Cleaner

By attaching this device to the Multihog CX tractor, you’ll have a much easier time dealing with waste and sludge removal/transport.

Heavy Duty Mulcher

Another of our heavy-duty attachments, this mulcher quickly removes grass, bushes, brushwood, shrubs, dead trees, and other dense vegetation.

High Pressure Washer

With this high-pressure system, you’ll be much more efficient in all street washing, sign cleaning, and drain cleaning tasks (drain cleaner models are separate).

High Tip Bucket

This attachment is easy to operate and features a side shift function, as well as a 92-gal bucket.

High Volume Submersible Pump

Municipalities and fire departments alike can benefit from this pump, which can not only pump out high volumes of water, but also take care of liquid waste.

High Volume Sweeper

There are two brush options available (mounted behind the collection container at the back, or in the front of the tractor). These large brushes can also be equipped with auto-lift and a water tank to increase dust reduction.

Highway Safety Sign

Four flashing LED lights help to alert traffic on highways where there is construction. These are also equipped with a carrying tray, so you can manage traffic and carry over all of your materials in one trip.

Line Remover

Those working in municipalities, airports, or highways will make great use of this attachment, as removing line markings has never been simpler.

Manhole Cutter

A decrease in work time and increase in quality of work are just some of the benefits of this tool. Various size heads are available, with no water cooling needed and no issues with gravel/rock contact.

Patch Planer

With low noise levels and superior vibration damping, the Patch Planer is one of the most efficient pothole-removing attachments on the market.

Rear Body

Need to haul around equipment? Make the trip easier with this aluminum rear body attachment.

Rear Tipping Body

Several different capacity sizes are available, including 119 gal and 172 gal. No matter which size you choose, you’ll have a h2 aluminum body you can rely on.

Rotary Mower

This heavy-duty mower tackles even the most stubborn, grassy areas and is perfect for those bigger mowing jobs.

Stump Grinder

It takes just minutes to grind up stumps with our stump grinder attachment. Thanks to the 21-inch diameter and 16 cutting teeth.

Thermal Weed Control

The low-water pressure system utilized by this attachment keeps weeds at bay while still ensuring that the surrounding ground remains damage-free.

Watering Arm

Providing proper irrigation no longer has to be a hassle with the Watering Arm. You can now spray plants right from your vehicle.

Weed Brush

The weed brush and edging blade duo create this environmentally friendly tool, which make it a great solution for chemical-free weed control.


Whether you want to break down heavy branches and trunks or needles and leaves, this woodchipper does it all.

If you are interested in learning more about the Multihogs we have available, as well as any attachments, please call your nearest sales professional.