Use KMI Equipment for Your Next Asphalt Repair Project

Trius Inc is proud to sell and service a full range of KM International (KMI), one of the leading manufacturers of asphalt maintenance equipment. Commercial businesses and municipalities alike turn to us because they know we have the equipment they need to keep their asphalt in great shape.

The KMI equipment we sell, and repair includes the following product categories: infrared asphalt recyclers, hotbox reclaimers, asphalt recyclers, and crack maintenance equipment. Read on to learn more about them.

Infrared Asphalt Recyclers

KMI makes several sizes of infrared asphalt recyclers, each capable of cutting the time and cost of the traditional saw cut R&R method by one-third. Thus, these products can improve your profits! These infrared asphalt recyclers have a variety of uses, including pothole repair, birdbaths, storm drain repair, thermoplastic application, and much more.

Hotbox Reclaimers

These allow the asphalt to be kept at a useable temperature for up to 2 days. Even when plants are closed, you can make asphalt repairs all year long with the maintained hot mix asphalt. You’ll never waste any asphalt again! You can buy with confidence and not have to worry about over purchasing. That’s why we’re proud to supply these quality machines from KMI.

Asphalt Recyclers

These machines are yet another tool available to help you ensure you have hot mix asphalt available 12 months a year. This is a luxury simply not available in many parts of the country, so if you’re looking for an easy way to reduce your dependence on cold patch, call Trius Inc today and learn more about these products from KMI.

Crack Maintenance Equipment

These pieces of KMI equipment can streamline the crack repair process, making crack repairs more profitable for your operations or less costly for your municipality. There’ll be no more headaches when filling cracks any longer; KMI’s equipment makes it as easy as pie.

If you have any questions about any of these asphalt repair products, please give Trius Inc a call today! We’ll make sure your business or government office has everything it needs to get its next asphalt repair project done right.