Why You Should Buy a TYMCO Sweeper

TYMCO sweepers from Trius Inc

April showers bring May flowers, but unfortunately, they don’t clear away winter sand and salt, vegetation, litter, or other debris from our roadways. Right now is the perfect time to purchase your new TYMCO sweeper. Let us tell you why we prefer TYMCO over sweepers from other manufacturers.

Why choose TYMCO sweepers?

• TYMCO specifically designs sweepers for all different kinds of applications, such as parking lots, streets, airports, and industrial areas. The needs for all of these are different, so TYMCO individualizes each of its models to meet these special needs.

• No matter what model you need, TYMCO designs its sweepers with fewer moving parts than other mechanical or vacuum sweepers, so you’ll have a better machine that lasts much longer than the competition which will save you money in the long-term.

• These sweepers are designed with a Regenerative Air System, making them more efficient with lower maintenance. The best technology produces the best results, and you can have that with TYMCO.

• What truly sets TYMCO apart is their dedication to creating a cleaner, more environmentally-friendly world. In sharing those values, we support TYMCO’s use of LPG/propane or natural gas to fuel its sweepers.

The environmental benefits of TYMCO sweepers

Unfortunately, streets and roadways see their fair share of litter, waste, pollutants, and other potentially harmful materials. You need the right equipment for your fleet to keep these areas clear and safe for motorists and pedestrians. Here are just a few things that a TYMCO sweeper can remove in order to keep your streets safer, by removing:

• Soil or Rocks
• Road Salt
• Vegetation
• Motor Vehicle Debris
• Litter
• Animal Carcasses
• Metal
• And More

By taking care of these issues, you ensure that these wastes are properly disposed of. That means a safer community for all of us! If it’s time to purchase a new fleet of sweepers for your city or town in Nassau or Suffolk county, call Trius Inc a 631-244-8600!