Why You Should Buy a Western Snowplow from Trius Inc.

Western plow attached to truck western plow attached to truck

Winter is coming soon, and that means plowing season is just around the corner. Maybe you have an old snowplow that’s on its last legs, or maybe you’re thinking about investing in a plow for the first time. If you’re in the market for a new plow and you’re serious about plowing, you should consider buying a Western snowplow from Trius Inc.

Western is one of America’s most trusted snowplow brands. Here’s why.

1. Western has history

Western has been making snowplows for commercial and personal use since 1953. They’ve seen a lot of winters! Companies don’t last that long unless they’re doing something right, and the people who use Western plows will agree: they’re doing it right, and they’ve been doing it right for a long time.

2. Western believes in innovation

Western has history, but Western doesn’t rest on that history. Western is a part of Douglas Dynamics, the premier manufacturer of commercial vehicle attachments in North America. Douglas Dynamics puts a lot of time and effort into researching and developing vehicle attachments that let the people who use them do their jobs efficiently, effectively, and, most importantly, profitably. Douglas Dynamics is always looking to improve, and they pass those improvements on to the consumer.

3. Western offers variety

Western makes snowplows and snowplow accessories that fit all kinds of applications. Whether you have a mid-size truck and you want to keep your own property plowed, or you have a heavy duty vehicle and you need a tough plow for tough jobs, Western has the plow for you. The helpful sales staff at Trius will help you pick the right plow for the job you need to do.

4. Western plow dealers offer unparalleled service

Trius Inc. is a genuine Western plow dealer. We stock a wide range of Western plows and accessories, so we’re sure to have the right one for whatever job you have ahead of you. We also have a top-notch service department with a large inventory of parts, kits, and accessories, so if your plow needs service, you can come to us and get the best service money can by.

Contact your local Trius dealer to find out more about Western snowplows. We serve Long Island, the Mid-to-Lower Hudson counties in NY, the Albany region in NY, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania. Call the sales representative nearest you for more information.