Why You Should Buy the MAX-EV 4 Wheel LSV

MAX-EV 4 WHEEL LSV, sold by Trius Inc MAX-EV 4 WHEEL LSV, sold by Trius Inc

The Many Applications for the MAX-EV 4 Wheel LSV

The MAX-EV 4 Wheel LSV is an electric, low-speed vehicle. It has a top speed of 25mph and a gross vehicle weight rating of less than 300 pounds. As environmental concerns because increasingly more present, electric vehicles are becoming a viable solution. They do not burn fossil fuels or pollute the viable like traditional vehicles. They are also more affordable than one might think.

It can accomplish many of the same tasks as traditional low-speed vehicles too. It can be used for:

  • landscaping, insect control
  • golf courses for landscaping and as a beverage cart
  • moving soil and equipment
  • emergency response for congested areas.
  • Watering flowers, grass, and vegetation

MAX-EV Accessories

To accomplish the wide variety of tasks that customers often use this vehicle for, here are some of the possible accessories you can purchase:

  • Ladder rack
  • Tool chest
  • Protective nerf bars
  • Air conditioning
  • Van body
  • Van body with refrigerator

Benefits of Purchasing a MAX-EV 4 Wheel LSV

  • Environmentally Friendly – Being an electric vehicle means that it does not burn fossil fuel or produce pollution
  • Lithium-Ion Battery – A lithium-ion battery typically lasts 2-3 longer than a lead-acid or AGM battery
  • Optional Right-Hand Drive – You can order the MAX-EV LSV with the steering wheel on the right side
  • Twin Passenger Set Up – It holds up to 2 passengers
  • Starts at $16,950 – The vehicle is an affordable option, even compared to traditional vehicles