Why You Should Check Out Our Line of Harper Turf Equipment

harpert turf equipment Harper Turf Equipment Harper Turf Equipment

Trius Inc. is home to some of the finest pieces of equipment for your industrial and agricultural needs, including tractors and mowers from the best manufacturers in the industry. One of the trusted lines we carry is Harper Turf Equipment.

Trius Inc. carries a line of slope mowers and four different turf vacs from Harper Turf Equipment. Harper products are innovative and proven, providing the precision and care your lawn needs. Learn more about the specific products we carry from Harper Turf Equipment and what they can do for your property.

ATM 72LC Hillside Mower

Harper Turf Equipment’s ATM 72LC Hillside Mower is a trusted slope mower, providing a clean, precise cut on steep slopes while keeping your engine upright on hills. Features of the ATM 72LC Hillside Mower include self-leveling technology to keep your operator station vertical on even the steepest slopes, as well as a cutting width of six feet, a 3’’-7.5’’ inch deck height adjustment, and a leveling circuit. The ATM 72LC Hillside Mower is available with both swinging blades and fixed blades. If your lawn has steep slopes, the ATM 72LC Hillside Mower is right for you.

TV35 Turf Vac

Trius Inc. carries four different turf vacs and sweepers from Harper Turf Equipment. The first is the TV35, which features a dust-reducing air-recirculation system, a 44 hp four-cylinder Turbo charged 1505 Kubota motor, a wide, 60’’ swath, and a hydraulic-operated lift dump. The TV35 is clean and quiet, providing for effective cutting, sweeping, and vacuuming of your property.

TV40 Turf Vac

If you need to clear leaves and other debris from your property, Harper Turf Equipment’s TV40 is the best choice for you. This turf vac/sweeper is available from Trius Inc., featuring recirculating air technology, towing capacity, and a large hopper. The TV40 effectively picks up debris left behind on your lawn or on artificial turf surfaces. You can count on a powerful performance from the TV40 and its clean, cost-effective vacuum.


If you have a large property with lots of debris that needs to be removed, not just any vac/sweeper will do. A heavy-duty turf vac with a recirculating air system will be needed to pick up grass, leaves, and trash littered on your property. Harper Turf Equipment’s TV60 RE vac/sweeper provides exactly what you’re looking for. The TV60 operates with a wireless remote control to make it easy to adjust the throttle and operate the hopper without having to get up from your seat. The TV60 also features a 23.5HP gas engine, a tow-behind vacuum, and a large hopper.


The largest turf vacuum available from Harper Turf Equipment is the TV60 RHD vac/sweeper. What’s unique about this machine is how easily maneuverable and versatile it is. This vac/sweeper is the ideal choice to be used on sports fields or in the large open areas of parks as it features a wide, 60-inch swath. The TV60 RHD also includes a dust-reducing air-recirculation system, a hopper than can hold up to seven cubic yards of debris, and a wireless remote. The TV60 RHD can also be pulled by a tractor or other large utility vehicle.

Find all these machines and more at Trius Inc. We have the equipment you need to take care of your property, no matter how big it is.