Why You Should Invest in a Harper Turf Vac

Harper TV35 Turf Vac

Trius Inc. is proud to carry Harper Turf Equipment including the line of Harper Turf Vac/Sweepers. Turf vacuums are designed to remove leaves quickly and efficiently as well as hard to remove debris from synthetic putting greens and turf. Both businesses and municipalities alike should invest in the Harper Turf Vac to clean and maintain their properties. It’s a great item to purchase in order to maintain golf courses, large fields, and paved surfaces including driveways, sidewalks, and patios.

About Harper Turf

Harper Turf’s roots can be traced back to the mid-80s when a local entrepreneur approached DewEze Manufacturing about working together on a mower that took the danger and difficulty out of mowing slopes. The company then expanded into the turf maintenance and landscaping lines with the acquisition of Goossen Industries in 2002. Today, Harper Turf Equipment manufactures multiple product lines ranging from slope mowers and turf vacuums to verti-cutters, and more. Harper products are innovative, built with durability, and provide the precision you want. At Trius Inc., we carry four different turf vacs from Harper Turf Equipment.

Harper Turf Vac Products We Carry

TV35 Vac/Sweeper


  • Quiet operation
  • Time-saving and economical features
  • Dust reducing recirculating air technology
  • A 49 hp Turbo Charged Kubota motor
  • 60” adjustable sweeper head
  • Hydraulic operated lift dump up to 76 inches
  • Effective on all surface types

TV40 Vac/Sweeper


  • Powerful performance
  • The most cost-effective vacuum on the market
  • Ideal for artificial turf, including those with granular rubber pellets
  • Dust reducing recirculating air technology
  • Easily maneuvers into tight spaces or narrow places
  • Large-sized hopper – 4 cubic yards

TV60 RE Vac/Sweeper


  • Wireless remote control
  • Dust reducing recirculating air technology
  • Effective solution for picking up grass, leaves, trash, and thatch
  • Powered by a 23.5HP gas engine
  • 60” wide sweeper head
  • Large-sized hopper – 7 cubic yards
  • Curb brush removes gravel and rocks from edging on streets

TV60 RHD Vac/Sweeper


  • Wireless remote control from the operator seat
  • Dust reducing recirculating air technology
  • Tow-behind vacuum with a 40HP tractor
  • Hydraulic lift and dump hopper that holds up to 7 cubic yards of debris
  • Has a verti-cut rotor, brush rotor, and rubber finger rotor
  • Solution for litter, grass, and leaves from sports fields, parks, and recreational grounds

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At Trius Inc., you can find all of these machines and more! No matter the size of your property, we have the equipment you need to take care of it. In addition to turf vacuums, we also carry items such as asphalt repair equipment, commercial snow removal equipment, paving equipment, salt spreaders, street sweepers, and more.

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