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Asphalt Repair

KMI Bohemia 3 asphalt repair equipment, available at Trius Inc

Asphalt Repair Equipment for Nassau County, NY Asphalt is regularly used for roads, driveways, and parking lots in Nassau County. It is a strong material that can take a lot of punishment from the constant pressure of vehicles and the elements. However, it is not perfect. It will eventually crack or chip and require repairs…. Read more »

IMPACT Heavy Duty and Mid Duty UTV Plows

Western Snow Plow Dealer Westchester County, NY

You never know what the winter months might bring – that’s why it’s important to stay ready for anything. The IMPACT collection from Western Plows offers a collection of plows that will give you the functionality you need to be ready for anything. Winter won’t hold back, so neither should you. You can choose between… Read more »

Welcome Aboard! Trius Inc is Your New Iguana Pro Boats Dealer

Your Source for Iguana Pro Boats Across Suffolk, Nassau, & Westchester County, NY Trius Inc is proud to add ‘new Iguana Pro boats dealer’ to our resume. Not only are we one of the largest municipal equipment suppliers offering state-of-the-art truck equipment, we also are a dealer for Iguana Pro boats. If you are unfamiliar… Read more »

The Importance Of Pre-Season Snow Plow Maintenance for Western Plows

Western Plow Enforcer, sold by Trius Inc

It should come as no surprise that your Western snowplow takes a beating every winter because that is what it is made to do. That being said, it is important that you stay on top of regular Western plow maintenance, so you don’t end up breaking down when you need the plow the most. Maintaining… Read more »

Why You Should Buy the MAX-EV 4 Wheel LSV

MAX-EV 4 WHEEL LSV, sold by Trius Inc

The Many Applications for the MAX-EV 4 Wheel LSV The MAX-EV 4 Wheel LSV is an electric, low-speed vehicle. It has a top speed of 25mph and a gross vehicle weight rating of less than 300 pounds. As environmental concerns because increasingly more present, electric vehicles are becoming a viable solution. They do not burn… Read more »

Call Us For All Your Summer Maintenance Equipment Needs

multihog with attachments, available at Trius Inc

Summer is the time of year that many businesses and municipalities get a lot of construction and clean-up work done. It is prime time to do road repavement, street sweeping, grass cutting, and weed control. Although we do not do these services ourselves, we do provide the equipment needed to complete the jobs to businesses… Read more »


Go Green with the Innovative Street Sweepers Developed by TYMCO It doesn’t matter whether you run a local business or municipality; it’s imperative that you start to boost the sustainability of your operation. These days, you simply must take the proper steps to protect the globe, while simultaneously streamlining your day-to-day operations. Thankfully, the certified… Read more »

Trius Inc & Green Energy Technology Are Joining Hands As GET/Trius

GET logo and blurb

Trius Inc & Green Energy Technology Provide Green Truck Equipment to Nassau County, NY & Beyond Trius Inc is proud to announce our joint venture with Green Energy Technology as GET/Trius. We can now provide the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas with one-stop turn-key resource solutions to meet challenges of developing vehicle charging… Read more »


KMI Bohemia 3 asphalt repair equipment, available at Trius Inc

Have no doubt, the team at Trius Inc. understands the countless issues faced by local businesses and municipalities throughout the Westchester County region. Not only do harsh outdoor elements wreak havoc on your paved surfaces, but heavy traffic patterns often result in widespread wear and tear. If you don’t take the proper steps to maintain… Read more »


EV-3 by Westward Industries, available at Trius Inc

Learn More About the Latest Low-Speed Vehicles to Hit the Market Are you currently in the market for an efficient low-speed vehicle? Whether you run a local business or a regional municipality, the right LSV is sure to optimize your output and streamline your day-to-day operations. But with so many manufacturers in the marketplace it’s… Read more »