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Why You Should Buy a TYMCO Sweeper

TYMCO sweepers from Trius Inc

April showers bring May flowers, but unfortunately, they don’t clear away winter sand and salt, vegetation, litter, or other debris from our roadways. Right now is the perfect time to purchase your new TYMCO sweeper. Let us tell you why we prefer TYMCO over sweepers from other manufacturers. Why choose TYMCO sweepers? • TYMCO specifically… Read more »

Snow Plow Maintenance Tips: Post-Season

Snow plow maintenance doesn’t end with the season. There are some important post-season maintenance procedures you should follow to keep your plow in good condition for the next year. Without a good post-season maintenance routine, your plow can deteriorate in storage and set you up for some unwelcome surprises when you bring it out for… Read more »

Use KMI Equipment for Your Next Asphalt Repair Project

KMI asphalt repair equipment - Trius Inc

Trius Inc is proud to sell and service a full range of KM International (KMI), one of the leading manufacturers of asphalt maintenance equipment. Commercial businesses and municipalities alike turn to us because they know we have the equipment they need to keep their asphalt in great shape. The KMI equipment we sell, and repair… Read more »

Snow Plow Maintenance Tips: Pre-season & In-Season

Your snow plow will take a beating this winter. That’s what it’s made for. But if you slack off with maintenance, you run the risk of your plow breaking down at the worst possible moment. If your plow breaks down in the middle of a tough winter, that spells disaster for you and the people… Read more »