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How Potholes Form and How You Can Fix Them

asphalt repair equipment - Trius Inc

We’ve all experienced them – those dreaded, and sometimes unavoidable, potholes. But where do they even come from? Potholes form due to the expansion and contraction of the ground, especially during the freeze and thaw cycles. Even though roads are built to avoid accumulations of water, the water still finds a way to seep into… Read more »

Why You Should Trust Trius For Parts and Service

Trius parts & service department lobby

Trust the Trius Parts & Service Department to Handle all Repair & Maintenance Needs When it comes to asphalt repair equipment, truck equipment, and commercial snow removal equipment, no one beats the parts and service department of Trius Inc. Founded in 1959 as a local machine shop in Hicksville, NY, it has since grown to… Read more »

Now Offering Vac-Con Machines Throughout Pennsylvania and Downstate New York

Learn more about this single engine combination machine Trius Inc. is proud to offer Vac-Con machines throughout Pennsylvania and Downstate New York. We are the dealer to trust for this single engine combination machine throughout the state and we ask that you continue reading below to learn more. No matter what you may be using… Read more »

Snow Dragon Snowmelters – A Revolution in Snow Removal

Do you own a commercial property or work for a municipality? Are you looking for a solution to your snow issues? Trius Inc provides Snow Dragon Snowmelters! We sell high quality and durable Snow Dragon Snowmelters that ease the process of snow removal. They are a great option for snow removal businesses as well. The… Read more »

Trius Inc. Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary

We are proud to celebrate our 60th anniversary of serving the communities of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 60 Years of Service Peter Cervelli started our business in 1959 as a small machine shop in Hicksville, NY with a simple goal: to offer the finest parts and service to every client. Throughout the years,… Read more »

Why You Should Buy a Western Snowplow from Trius Inc.

truck with Western snowplow

Winter is coming soon, and that means plowing season is just around the corner. Maybe you have an old snowplow that’s on its last legs, or maybe you’re thinking about investing in a plow for the first time. If you’re in the market for a new plow and you’re serious about plowing, you should consider… Read more »

Why You Should Check Out Our Line of Harper Turf Equipment

harpert turf equipment

Trius Inc. is home to some of the finest pieces of equipment for your industrial and agricultural needs, including tractors and mowers from the best manufacturers in the industry. One of the trusted lines we carry is Harper Turf Equipment. Trius Inc. carries a line of slope mowers and four different turf vacs from Harper… Read more »

The Multihog and its Many Summer Applications

While its true that some jobs require specific tools, you shouldn’t have to spend your resources on separate heavy-duty vehicles to complete each task. Instead, have your business or municipality invest in one vehicle that can be equipped to handle all your seasonal duties: the Multihog. Trius Inc is proud to offer this vehicle and… Read more »

Westward GO-4 Vehicles Now Available Through Trius Inc

Two GO-4 models available with two different body types Are you looking for a small, energy efficient vehicle to help with common tasks for your business or municipality? Trius Inc, a full-service equipment distributor serving Long Island, New York City, Pennsylvania, Upstate New York, and New Jersey, now has the GO-4 and GO-4 EV vehicles… Read more »